Port Townsend - Portland - Hood River, OR

Port Townsend- We dug deep at the Undertown in Port Townsend this weekend and came up silver.  It was a good weekend overall and there was some great dancing, but we're still in search of the quest that will bring all P.T. cruisers together in epic proportion (the people, not the cars). It was a cool and unique setup, like playing in a dungeon in an old English castle.  Awesome staff and we are thankful for everyone at the Undertown for having us this last weekend, our friends for coming out, and of course the Blue Moose for treating us like family and making the dynamic and most delicious breakfast! Cardamom Coffee Cake- oh GOD!

Portland- this week we are bringing up Portland Oregon's own Tezeta band (formerly the Five Fingers of Funk in the 90's), performing Ethiopian inspired funk/soul/jazz reminiscent of the 60's and 70's material heard on in the legendary Ethiopiques series - check it out if you haven't, it's a great place to start in the Ethiopian throwback odyssey.  Tezeta band will be at Boundary Bay with Yogoman Burning Band this Wednesday at Boundary Bay, July 27th.  if you you're coming and you do the FB thing, RSVP here.

Hood River, OR- Speaking of Portland things, just east on the Columbia, a little over an hour from Portland, YBB will be playing Hood River, OR this Friday on the Columbia River at the Sandbar Cafe outdoors at 8pm.  This event was inspired by Doug Archibald and our roving group of Sailing fans that show up in the damdest places via boat to our shows.  So awesome!  If you're in Portland it's not far away and a great opportunity to get out of the city.  Hope to see you there.  FB event here if you want to let us know you're coming. 

Cheers to all and Beam Me Up! - YBB

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