Yogoman Burning Band Break!!

Hello Fans and Friends,
As of this post 9/5/11, Yogoman Burning Band is taking a little break to re-group or figure out whether or not we are moving forward with Yogoman Burning Band, or moving on to new horizons. 

As of late, our outstanding powerhouse of saxophone talent, Thomas Deakin, is taking a break from the band.  Over the last two years YBB has developed our unique sound as a four piece Drums, Bass, Horns and Vocal band, without the use of guitar or keyboards and are quite proud of the unique sound we have created.  Thomas has been a huge part of our sound and energy aside from the fact that he is a great friend and pleasure to be around.  So while the news of his break from the band is a hard one to swallow, we wish him well on his personal journey whether or not he comes back into the YBB fold or not.  A huge thanks to Thomas for his substantial contribution to Yogoman Burning Band! 

As they say "When it rains it poors" - As of our recent break, we will at least for the time being be losing Norah McLaughlin. Long story short- the touring road and lifestyle is not for everyone. Norah is taking this opportunity to break and concentrate on her home life. I am so lucky, blessed and proud to have played music with Norah for the better half of the last decade; since she was 15 years old- WOW! From the time she first picked up the bass, I knew we had a connection that I had previously never shared with anyone on a rhythmic level as well as our ability to harmonize with each other at the drop of a hat.  I would call our musical connection second nature, inherent, or intuitive. We will greatly miss Norah's earthlike presence in the band holding down the low end, and her golden voice, sweet laugh, soulful dance moves! Thank you for your fundamental contribution to Yogoman Burning Band Norah Iris McLaughlin. You'll always have a home here.

We will be considering and auditioning new members who play any of the following instruments confidently, and if you are interested/excited about touring semi-regularly: bass guitar, keyboard, trombone, trumpet, sousaphone or saxophone (tenor or bari) players who also enjoy and understand harmony singing.

We will be considering at least one replacement to potentially fill the brass section: trombone, trumpet or saxophone players who sing and understand harmony.

In addition to figuring out how or if we will continue as YBB, support in the form of booking, management, and/or promotion, could play an influential factor in favor of keeping the band together.  I am grateful to have learned the ropes of booking, preparing our album releases, promoting, managing and I acknowledge how valuable all aspects of the music business are in addition to publishing, distribution, licensing, promotion, and recording (to name a few), that all play a significant part in keeping a band afloat, visible and growing outward.  As I value the aforementioned jobs, I will do them as long as necessary if we continue, but we will be interviewing and considering any professionals who see the value in what this band does that is unique in the world: making soul-filled dance music that inspires a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and community who have supported us this far and have helped make Yogoman Burning Band our livelihood.

Sincerely- Jordan Rain/Yogoman

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