New YBB Member: welcome MY DAD, Mike Rain on Bass/Vocals (What?)

If you think this is a weird move, you're absolutely right.  However, my dad and I have been talking about playing music together for a long time, and recent events opened this opportunity into a reality.  I don't know how this will shake out, but we are totally going for it!  My father, Michael Rain, was my first inspiration for music growing up and no doubt who gave me the musical itch that is unsatiable for me up to this point.  Mike has been playing in Northwest bands since the 70's and is at heart a rock n' roller without a doubt.  He has always appreciated YBB and is willing to work with our groove, he is a fun guy to have around, so we are happy to have him in the YBB fold on bass and vocals.  Our family vocal timbre is great for harmony singing and will be cool to have father/son on bass and drums.

*So, only one to two horn players left to complete the circle.  We have a couple contenders that have auditioned, and will probably know quite soon if they are in.  But if you know any girls that play sax or trumpet, now is the time to let them know about YBB auditions.  They will be closing very soon. 

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