Olympia Rocks! Here we come Yakima!

Just got back from a two show Olympia Experience that shook the pillars of heaven.  First was a concert at Sylvester Park in downtown Oly, where we played to 1600 folks and a great dancing crowd, some of whom were an awesome group of Thai ESL students from Evergreen.  They definitely got the dance party hoppin'.  Fun stuff.  Thanks to Mars' dad Braun for announcing us and being a sponsor for the event.

Then we headed over to the Royal where we were guests at the Brown Edition's regular Wednesday residency.  This sound was good, room was full and people got hella sweaty dancing to the experience that ensued via the musical wheels.  One of the funner shows we've played lately, and we were on point, pulling out some improvised surprises. 

Friday August 5th, we'll be heading to the beloved Yakima Sports Center, to play some live music to some of our best fans in the state. 

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