This Weekend: Spokane, Idaho, and Twisp!

Yogoman Burning Band is heading east for the weekend and we're ready to light up Spokane, Sagle Idaho, and Twisp for those ready to dance! 

SPOKANE: The last and first time we played Spokane we played the Baby Bar and it was a fun experience, via the friendly staff, with a couple of out of town bands from Portland who also rocked the joint.  For our second visit to Spokane we are on solo at the Blue Spark and excited to connect with some new folks and friends of friends (there are a lot of Spokane to Bellingham transplants).

SAGLE, IDAHO: This is our second year playing the Remembering Jerry Festival at the Eureka Center in Sagle, Idaho.  I'm not sure why we were initially selected to play the festival last year, being that we don't sound anything like Jerry Garcia's music or the Grateful Dead, but it was a blast, we rocked some people out in the country surrounded by beautiful woods, played some games, ate some great food, and met some sweet folks.  Here's a video of us working our song "Coco Lopez" in this little cabin/house that was later in the night a chill down room, it shows you a little lay of the land, and Thomas' mohawk, which is nice!

TWISP:  We've yet to have a blow out show in Twisp, WA at the famous Twisp River Pub, and it's probably our fault for only playing there once a year and not reappearing sooner, BUT- I have a feeling this is going to be the exception.  Aaron the booker, owner (i believe) and GM, of the place is a super sweet guy that always treats bands well and makes us feel at home. TRP serves great food, beer, wine and mixed drinks, with a super friendly staff.  We are grateful that they are having us back and hope the word spreads well around town that Yogoman Burning Band is coming to the sweet town of Twisp to help them get their dance on, which they so deserve.  The last time we played TRP, there was a crew fresh off the job of firejumpers; and how appropo is that with the Burning Band?

For more info on the shows and to see the rest of our calendar see the SHOWS/EVENTS/PARTIES section of our website.  Love to all and have a good day and night!
- Yogoman

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